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I mean, there's a guy in our school who came out last year or this year idk and everyhing went well. Then again, it would be impossible for your parents not to know

You said it yourself anon, it’s not really about the people of my school (because some of them actually do know my tumblr) but I’m afraid my parents will know if the whole school does. And as I have absolutely no idea of how they’d react, I prefer keeping it secret until I have the minimum of independance.

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Why don't you want your school to find your tumblr account ?

(I’m answering in the 2nd one)

Geeewwwd evening ! So it’s been a very long time (or not maybe? i don’t know i don’t seem to feel the damages of time..) because i’ve been out of the city for a week. Went with my more than amazing rock-climbing group to Southern Morocco and it was literally perfect. Obviously I’m super sad to have come back and I miss them all so much… Anyway, when I came back, I left the day after for Paris ! I had an exam of English for a University which was a bit hard (and about Downtown Abbey, about the only tvshow that I don’t watch) but it was okay. And Paris is beautiful (even tho i don’t know if i could live there..) My last posts can testify the moves ! Whatever, I’m back in town and to my routine.

Love and spring-ish hugs